Alternative Energy and Global Energy Security In Aftermath Of Rio+20 | By Dr. Alexander Mirtchev

The concept of a ‘green economy’ enjoys support among the G20 and was a central theme at Rio+20. This begs a question: If everyone from members of civil society to corporate and government leaders vigorously nod their heads when ‘green’ is mentioned, why doesn’t the issue ever get advanced in a global context? One answer seems to lie in the inability to agree on a definition of what is meant by ‘green economy’ or ‘green growth.’  Another answer stems from the increasing divergence in previously established positions and attitudes that served as bonds among geopolitical alliances, unions and informal groupings. As we have witnesses seen with the EU’s ongoing–and unsuccessful efforts–to devise a unanimously acceptable (or even barely tolerable) scheme to address the euro zone crises, when question of economic security arises, all other considerations fall by the wayside.

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