CNBC Interviews Dr. Alexander Mirtchev

The summit’s agenda is being shaped by the divergent pressures of political urgency and the need to meet long-term geopolitical and geo-economic necessities. Beyond the immediate foreign policy challenges and conflicts, this agenda is focused on the “hot” issues of the day – global growth, stability and governance. Paradoxically, the dominance of these issues coincided, rather than conflicted, with the societal concerns that usually confront summits of this type – the conduct of multinationals, global trade transparency and tax avoidance. This confluence underlined the consistent pressure on leading economies to find new ways to replenish their treasuries, while at the same time revitalize a persistently moribund global economy. The G8 will need to give due consideration to the impact that the increasing attractiveness of geo-economic statecraft actions can lead to new threats to global economic security.

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