The Prologue: The Alternative Energy Megatrend in the Age of Great Power Competition | By Sarah Wright

Dr. Alexander Mirtchev’s new book, The Prologue: The Alternative Energy Megatrend in the Age of Great Power Competition, identifies and charts the security-related trajectory of a relatively new global phenomenon: the ascent of alternative energy as a 21st century megatrend.

Why and how have contemporary alternative energy developments evolved into a 21st century global socio-political and techno-economic megatrend? What are the security implications of this megatrend? And what does the megatrend’s evolution reveal about upcoming geopolitical, energy, defense, environmental, and economic security challenges? The Prologue endeavors to answer these questions by establishing the conceptual framework of a universally securitized world in which mutually interacting threats have expanded the needs and security considerations of today’s globalized and interdependent actors, including states, international organizations, multinational corporations, and political and social movements.

For more information about the book visit For reviews by Dr. Henry Kissinger, Gen. James L. Jones, USMC (Ret.), Judge William Sessions, Adm. James G. Stavridis, USN (Ret.) and others visit

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